Denton 7s Tournament 6/3/17

This past weekend The Woodlands Sevens traveled to Denton TX. The Woodlands claiming their first victory trophy as PLATE CHAMPIONS!!!! Overall Team performance and execution was good with flashes of greatness! Standout performances include team captain Chris (Six Pack) Saxon who scored 4 tries on the day, and who’s NEXT LEVEL FITNESS and drive helped lead the team to multiple victories. Devin (The Tasmanian Devil) Grady showed up in a big way with a fantastic level of aggression and 3 tries scored! Brian Bleibdrey was masterful at staying in position all over the pitch and scored a try to boot! Neil Campbell showed great leadership and work ethic on the field, never giving up even when he was completely out of gas he picked off a ball to scamper 60 meters for a game winning try, scoring 5 tries total on the day! Garrett (The Wolverine) Tallerine was absolutely amazing at everything he did and he did a lot. He scored 3 tries, had multiple brilliant open field (game saving) tackles, he ran excellent support lines and was defensive player of the day. Cash (Blitzkrieg) Barker in his first ever appearance in a rugby game was team MVP with 7 tries, and multiple steals he was a tremendous difference maker for his new rugby family on the pitch! The overall intensity and production from the entire team was very impressive, everyone on the team continues to show promising improvement! GOOD JOB BOYS!!!
Roster : Steven Renderos, Chris Saxon, Nick Mayhair, Cash Barker, Neil Campbell, Garrett Tallerine, Justin Flynn, Sean O’brien, Ethan Walkowiak, Brian Bleibdrey, Devin Grady